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Item description: The item descriptions are to the best of our knowledge. We spend a great deal of time working to describe the product as complete as we are able. However, we don’ t know all of the answers to your questions that you haven’ t asked, PLEASE ASK, do not assume anything. We will work to answer any questions you may have and we will be glad to take your calls at ( 021) 2372 7557 7am-5pm EST Mon-Fri. Please use all avenues to research and understand what you are buying. You are always welcome to come by and view the item if you are still not sure. We do not understand everything about every piece of equipment or part that we sell. We are simply trying to get you all of the info that we can regarding the subject piece. As a buyer, you are advised to use your expertise to be sure that the unit is right for your need. We do not warrant the unit is suitable for any specific use. If we did not specifically describe it, do not assume that the item comes with it or is otherwise noted. If we didn’ t describe it, it isn’ t implied. Please investigate carefully and fully.